Final countdown! November 6th 2014 is nutritionDay

October 21st, 2014

The nutritionDay will be held on November 6th.

Time is running fast, so don’t miss the great opportunity and register for this major event!

nutritionDay (nDay) is a one-day cross-sectional audit with outcome evaluation. On a specific day every year hospital wards and nursing homes around the world have the opportunity to participate in a one-day cross-sectional audit. nDay participants complete questionnaires about the patients’ nutrition risk profile and the unit’s nutrition care structures. They collect the unit‘s anonymised data and upload it to the nDay database. Afterwards the participants receive a unit based feedback report showing their results in comparison to other participating institutions. The annual nDay check constitutes a unique chance to monitor and benchmark the institution’s nutrition care on an international level. Participating in nutritionDay worldwide is free of charge.

This worldwide initiative is conducted to increase people`s awareness of the widespread problem of malnutrition in hospitals, nursing homes and intensive care units.

We invite you to join the large nutrititionDay community of doctors, dieticians, nurses and pharmacists and support the fight against malnutrition and benefit from nDay!

Here you will find further information in 12 steps! In case of questions please don’t hesitate to contact the nutritionDay office: or browse through our website:

Participation is easy and does not require any specific knowledge!

21st ESPEN Course on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic care sucesfully held in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)

October 15th, 2014

The 21st ESPEN Course on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic care was held in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) from the 5th through 10th of October, 2014. This course was flawlessly organized by Lubos Sobotka in a beautiful facility located in the center of this attractive city. The 60 attendees included professionals from 22 different European countries and an anesthesiologist from India.

The course was very intensive thanks to the collaboration of the excellent faculty speakers. The participants greatly appreciated the lectures, cases, discussion, and demonstration sessions. The opportunities for interaction between speakers and attendees were remarkable.

Again, congratulations to the organizing committee and to all the attendees.

16th PENSA Congress (24-26 July, 2015 Japan)

October 13th, 2014

The 16th Congress of the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia (PENSA 2015) will be held at Nagoya Congress Center for three days from July 24 (Friday) to 26 (Sunday), 2015. The main theme of PENSA 2015 will be “All for Patients! Using Our Full Power of Metabolic and Nutritional Management.” The biannual congress offers wonderful opportunities for physicians, other medical professionals, and researchers engaged in nutritional management and therapy in Asian countries to meet, present new findings and achievements in their routine practice and research, and exchange the latest knowledge. The congress is expected to greatly contribute to nutritional management and therapy and help improve people’s health and welfare in Asia through basic and clinical research.

You can find more information here.

36th ESPEN Congress in Geneva

September 28th, 2014

We are extremely pleased to announce that the 36th ESPEN Congress in Geneva has been another great success. The number of delegates topped 3200 from more than 90 countries and from all continents, indicating once more the growth of the Society and its true international reach: the ESPEN Congress has established itself as the venue for european and global networking in nutrition.

The number of abstract submissions was close to 700, integrating novel data from high-quality original research with scientific and multi-professional educational sessions from a world-class faculty in all fields of clinical nutrition and metabolism. Further educational highlights included the outstanding contribution of the Life Long Learning program (ESPEN’s LLL), with several fully revised topics, nutrition Day and the Guidelines session presenting soon-to-be published new state-of-the-art recommendations.The Fight against malnutrition continues to progress, and the new implementation program to launch full-scale national screening in four Countries was presented in Geneva.

Last, but by no means least, Geneva hosted a friendly Congress for a friendly Society, with a relaxed atmosphere for work, social events and interaction: thank you Geneva and the Swiss team led by Pr Remy Meier for a truly excellent job!

It is now time to look ahead, and to start planning for the next ESPEN congress in Lisbon (September 5-8th 2015): take the opportunity and be part of this top event in clinical nutrition and metabolism. We look forward to see you there.

Outstanding contribution of Pierre Singer to ESPEN

September 28th, 2014

At the Geneva ESPEN Congress, it was announced that Pierre Singer has finished his term as ESPEN Chairman (2010-2014).

Pierre Singer has contributed to ESPEN for more than 20 years. He was the President of the ESPEN Congress that was held in Cannes in 2003 on behalf of the Israeli Society of Clinical Nutrition. Between 2004 and 2008, he served as a member of the Executive Committee as Treasurer where his energy and diplomatic skill provided a stabilizing effect on the financial situation of the society. When Pierre was appointed as Chairman in 2010, he focused his time and energy on developing new ideas. The outstanding contributions of Pierre Singer to ESPEN were unanimously celebrated during the General Assembly in Geneva.

Pierre will continue to serve ESPEN by participating in a variety of the Society activities.

Pierre, thanks a lot!

All guidelines and ESPEN Recommended papers are now open access

August 30th, 2014
The new Guideline Articles collection is now available to everyone! As part of the new platform, it is possible to “Search within this collection” and filter the articles based on date of final publication or other criteria.

PHILSPEN’s 10th Annual Convention The Changing Landscape of Clinical Nutrition

August 29th, 2014
The National Society of Philippines (PHILSPEN) cordially invites you to the upcoming “PHILSPEN 10th Annual Convention: The Changing Landscape of Clinical Nutrition” which is going to place in Makati (October 7-8, 2014).
During this meeting various very interesting topics will be discussed.
Deadline for submission of research abstracts is September 5, 2014. You can find more information by clicking on the informative flyer and the registration form.

Improved Impact Factor for Clinical Nutrition

August 22nd, 2014

The 2013 impact factors have now been released and ESPEN is pleased to report that Clinical Nutrition’s impact factor has risen from 3.298 to 3.940. The journal ranks 13th out of the 78 journals in the Nutrition & Dietetics category, up from 19th last year. Among other metrics:

  • 5-year impact factor: 4.581
  • Immediacy index: 0.734
  • Eigenfactor score: 0.01237
  • Article Influence Score: 1.224 (the mean is 1)

For context, the aggregate impact factor for the Nutrition & Dietetics category is 3.061.

Congratulations to the Editor Prof. N.Deutz and the whole team of Clinical Nutrition!

“Tumor Metabolism and Nutrition Course” to be hold in Montpellier, France

July 27th, 2014

Cancer remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In patients with advanced cancer, the efficacy of currently available treatments is limited by therapy-induced toxicity. The impact of nutrition therapy is underestimated in the clinical approach to cancer patients and may actually represent a key factor improving clinical outcomes. To discuss the impact of nutrition therapy on tumor metabolism and its role in cancer patients, Dr. Pierre Senesse and Dr. Paule Martel are organizing a 1-day course in Montpellier, France, to review the existing literature and identify areas of opportunities for clinical research and practice.  You can find more information here.

ESPEN Expert Course on Tracer Methodology held in Stockholm

July 26th, 2014

The ESPEN Expert Course programme is an attractive opportunity offered by ESPEN to meet world experts in specific metabolic and nutrition fields and discuss in detail their implications in research and clinical practice.

In June, the Expert Course on Tracer Methodology was hold in Stockholm, and 39 enthusiastic young researchers met with renowned experts and enjoyed the hands-on programme which addressed the seductive area of metabolic fluxes. Read the report, and check regularly for new ESPEN Expert Courses relevant to your research and clinical practice.